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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Safety Pilot? In layman's terms, a Safety Pilot watches for traffic from the right seat while the left seat pilot practices instrument approaches "under the hood."

What is Safety Pilot Club? Safety Pilot Club is an online community where members can find a Safety Pilot, a Rideshare or a Student Pilot Mentor. Pilots of all levels of experience can share knowledge, stories, and expenses associated with flying.

Each pilot will have profiles searchable by airport ID, airport name, or state. Sign up is easy and is completed via PayPal.

Membership has tremendous benefits:

Is SafetyPilotClub just for Pilots? No but if you are joining this site chances are you have an interest in becoming one!

What are the benefits of becoming a Safety Pilot Club member? Discounts and reasons for joining today: Getting in as a founding member has tremendous benefits. Why should I pay for Safety Pilot Club? Why not make this a free service? Will Safety Pilot Club share my information with 3rd parties? Under no circumstances will sell your personal information to vendors. The creators of this site feel strongly about protecting privacy. Advertisers on this site use cookies containing only a click information that records when a user has selected a link from this site. No personal information is shared by Real-Neighborhoods, LLC with 3rd parties for commercial purposes. is owned by the web development company Real-Neighborhoods, LLC. Real-Neighborhoods was founded in 2004 and development on Safety Pilot Club began in 2005.

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