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One time activation fee of $14.95. Sign up today and never get billed again. Safety Pilots, Rideshares, Time building, and Student Pilot Mentors!

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$14.95 one time activation fee and you will never get billed again!

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Our Mission. The cost of aviation has prevented too many of us from staying active with our flying passion. Flying is niether cheap nor easy.

Simply put, the goal of Safety Pilot Club is to lessen the expenses associated with general aviation flight by providing an online social network for pilots.

By sharing expenses, pilots can fly more, save money and accumulate the required flight hours for that next sought after rating. Membership with SPC can save you thousands!

Cost. Membership fees consist of a one time activation fee of $14.95. Thereafter, the site is free of charge.

How it Works. SPC members can log on to find Safety Pilots, Student Pilot Mentors, and Rideshares. All of which will help further our goal of making general aviation more affordable.

Members will have a full profile complete with a personal bio, pilot information, and a blog. This information will be searchable only by other members of the network. No 3rd parties will have access to your information.

Sign up today to network with other pilots. is owned by the web development company Real-Neighborhoods, LLC. Real-Neighborhoods was founded in 2004 and development on Safety Pilot Club began in 2005.

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